Welsh Government Fuel Support Scheme 2022/23

You may be aware that the Welsh Government has announced that a Fuel Support Payment of £200 can be made to people who satisfy the eligibility criteria. Once again these payments are to be administered by local councils on behalf of Welsh Government.

Swansea Council’s web page has gone live and contains details of the eligibility criteria as they stand at the moment (there MAY be some further changes to the qualifying criteria and we await Welsh Gov confirmation of that)

Welsh Government Fuel Support Scheme 2022/23 – Swansea

Source: Pennard Newsletter

Royal National Institute for Deaf people RNID, Time for Me project


Are you at home alone more than you would like to be?

Would you like to enjoy a regular chat with someone?

Are you now able to hear better on the phone again but would like the chance to “practice”?

Do you miss getting letters through the post that aren’t bills or circulars?

Four questions asked by the RNID with further information provided in the attached ‘posters’

Live Well Poster (Bilingual)

Time for Me – English

Time for Me Poster (Bilingual)

Older People’s Commissioner for Wales – Special Bulletin on Cost of Living.

Please see below an email sent on 11th August from the Older People’s Commissioner for Wales containing a link to their latest newsletter, Special Bulletin on Cost of Living.

Mae’r bwletin arbennig hwn yn rhoi gwybodaeth ddefnyddiol am hawlio Credyd Pensiwn, a pham mae hyn mor bwysig, yn ogystal ag atebion i gwestiynau cyffredin am y gwahanol fathau o gymorth ariannol sydd ar gael i bobl hŷn eleni a sut mae gwneud hawliad. https://comisiynyddph.cymru/newyddion/cylchlythyr-y-comisiynydd-bwletin-arbennig-argyfwng-costau-byw/

This special bulletin provides helpful information about claiming Pension Credit, and why this is so important, as well as answers to frequently asked questions about the different forms of financial support being made available to older people this year and how to make a claim. https://olderpeople.wales/news/commissioners-newsletter-special-bulletin-cost-of-living/

Welsh Water Meeting 22nd June 2022 7pm

Full minutes for the meeting are attached.  The notes below summarise the main points, any omissions are mine.

Mr  Jon Taylor: Senior Business Improvement Manager represented Welsh Water (WW).  His presentation set out the problem, work carried out to date and work planned.  There were questions from the audience, these are included in the minutes but not the notes below.

He highlighted that there had been 32 interruptions in the last 12 months and that Penmaen / Nicholaston was the worst area in Wales for supply interruptions.

He explained how the current single mains water supply from Cefn Bryn reservoir contributed to the problems experienced and also how the environment impacted potential solutions.

To date WW have  installed a number of valves and hydrants to isolate areas and reduce disruption in the event of a leak.  They have also rebuilt meter and pressure reducing valves and installed a pressure monitor logger.

Whilst short term problems persist WW will set up Satellite stores in Parkmill for pipes and bottled water.  WW also intend to instal further valves and hydrants on the main line source.

WW have planned a major overhaul on sections of the pipework targeting completion by April 2023.  The planned works are:
i) renewal of pipe from Cefn Bryn reservoir to Nicholaston.
ii) installation of new pipes around the Penmaen ‘horseshoe’ road to stabilise the network.
iii) renewal of pipes to Nicholaston Hall with 3” MVP pipe.

The feasibility study has been done and funding (£660,000 – £750,000) has been approved for  the completion of the work.  Note that WW have to produce an Investment Plan every 5 years for the Regulator and that these works are part of that Plan.

Welsh Water minutes of meeting 22nd June 2022

Councillor J Griffiths is standing down

I am sorry to report that, for personal reasons, Mrs J. Griffiths is standing down as a councillor with immediate effect.
Mrs Griffiths, a stalwart of Ilston Community Council for over 30 years, has taken this decision with deep regret.
I am sure everyone will join me in wishing Mrs Griffiths and her family well and thank her for her many years of service to the community.
Dale Ponting
Chairman Ilston Community Council.
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