Power cuts Penmaen & Nicholaston

From the Swansea South Team manager for National Grid Electricity Distribution – 13th Feb 2024.

‘I have recently been in conversation with a member of the community who requested an email to be sent to Ilston Community Council to give a brief description on the recent power outage you have received.

 The main reason for the recent power outage has been predominantly due to bad weather which unfortunately can on occasions cause unexpected interruptions to your community area supply due to the nature of an overhead fed network. The way the network is configured and designed is to be able to restore your power supply automatically up to the faulty piece of network that would cause the circuit breaker at source initially to trip, however for this to be achieved the whole circuit feeding your community from the source circuit breaker has to trip, which is the short interruptions you would have experienced. National Grid is constantly upgrading and inspecting the network to ensure the reliability of your supply.


 Anthony Piper
Team Manager
Network Services (South Wales) / Distribution – Swansea

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