Payments to assist in cost of living crisis

Sharing information from Councillor Lynda James’ communications to the community on three areas that might assist with the cost of living crisis.
a) entitlement to more benefits;
b) help with the costs of childcare;
c) general help and advice on cost of living and the support that is available.

More information on each of these follows.

Those potentially missing out include people who are working and their wages don’t cover their living and housing costs, as well as older people who aren’t aware they can claim means-tested benefits in addition to their state pension.

Others missing out could include people with long-term health problems that affect their ability to physically or mentally manage daily tasks or get out of the house.

People are asked to call Advicelink Cymru on their free 0808 250 5700 helpline to check, or head to

Swansea Council is also urging working parents to check if they could qualify for funding that can help pay towards fees including childminders, pre-schools, nurseries, nannies, playschemes, before and after school clubs and, holiday clubs.

The UK Government’s Tax-Free Childcare scheme supports working families, including the self-employed, with childcare costs.

If a working parent or carer is earning at least the National Minimum Wage for 16 hours a week on average and under £100,000 per annum, they may be eligible to get £500 every three months per child towards their childcare costs.

If their child has a disability they may be eligible for £1,000 every three months up to £4,000 a year per child.

To check eligibility and to find out how to register for the scheme visit

You can also visit for information on all cost of living help, advice, funding and support that’s available.

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