As Ilston Community residents and representatives we share a common concern in respect of the traffic passing through our community.  We are impacted by both the year-round volume of traffic and the behaviour of some road users.

A working group was established last year within Ilston Community Council with the specific objective of identifying measures to improve the safety of all road users within the community. The focus of this group has been on how this might be achieved through the moderation of traffic speed and the encouragement of more considerate driving.

A report has been prepared and will be submitted to both our local Councillor and Swansea Council. It is the first step in a process that we know will take time to realise as we are operating within an increasingly budget constrained world – however we will continue to press for change.  The report, focussing on the most problematic stretch of the A4118, represents the first phase of the work. The next phase will reach further into our community and other roads.

ICC- Traffic v.7

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