Rural Development Plan (RDP)

Rural Development Plan

The Community Council has received an offer of Grant Aid of approximately £12,000 under the Rural Development Plan for Wales. This is a Scheme being administered by the City and County of Swansea and is a distribution of funding that has been obtained by the Welsh Government from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development for enhancement to Community areas and other projects throughout rural areas in Wales. Ilston Community Council is of course set in Rural Gower, and as such has qualified for some of this funding. The Community Council has identified a number of items that could benefit from improvement.

Work throughout the Villages of Penmaen, Parkmill, Lunnon, Ilston and Nicholaston.
Future proposals

All residents and businesses are invited to participate in the improvement process either by coming forward with ideas or assistance in any proposals. A working group has been set up by the Community Council to co-ordinate the Scheme and deal with the quite complex administration that does come with European Grant Aid packages.

For further information please contact:

Clerk to Ilston Community Council

6 Belvedere Close, Kittle, Swansea, SA3 3LA

or please visit the RDP website

Scope of improvement

The Grant is going to be administered by the City & County of Swansea under their Programme called Swansea Rural Business Plan 2, and information about the full extent of this is available from the City and County Website at

The Scheme works will take place over a period ending in March 2013. The project has to have an element of what is called matched funding, that is contributions in kind or cash from residents and businesses within the Community area.To date a number of partners and residents have agreed to take part in this Scheme, either by providing practical support or direct financial help. So far local sponsors and residents have pledged £3000 towards the match funding.

Environmental Improvements

Ilston Community Council encompasses an important and sensitive environmental area with many wonderful and fascinating landscape features, and it is hoped that this grant will compliment the protection of this important aspect of our Community. It is also our hope that more people in the Community will be able to enjoy all the various assets that we have, and this can be achieved by some basic improvements to the existing footpaths throughout the Villages. Whilst the existing grant does not go very far in the terms of achieving lots of objectives, and it may be a stepping point to obtaining further grant aid in the future, depending on residents and local’s interest and commitment to this process.
Works that can be undertaken under this scheme

A number of items have been immediately identified as needing attention such as:

Replacement of dilapidated benches in Ilston and Penmaen.

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